Ashley Casavant

Licensed Esthetician 
Certified Makeup Artist
7+ years experience in the beauty industry
4+ years cosmetic tattooing

Worksafe Certificate in Bloodborne Pathogens 

Interior Health Approved

8x Certified Cosmetic Tattoo Artist
{ Brows By G, Covet Artistry x2, PhiBrows, Shay Danielle x2,
Shaughnessy Otsuji, & Nataliya Yeremenko Academy }

high quality vegan pigments

NEW Paramedical Tattooing
{ Trained by Jody Stoski - Cinnamon Girl Clinic }

Paramedical Tattooing

Scar camoflauge - NEW graduate from Cinnamon Girl Clinic 

Using microneedling and micropigmentation, I can camouflage scarring and skin irregularities from medical and elective surgeries, burns, skin grafts, acne, stretchmarks and more. 

Microneedling can soften scars and help the body produce natural collagen to improve their overall appearance, while micropigmentation actually deposits pigment into the area, blending it with your natural skin tone so the scar is no longer noticeable!

Have a scar or marking that you hate, or reminds you of a trauma you battled?

Allow me to remove the reminder and help you in the last stage of your healing process!

I am currently accepting limited cases, at introductory prices, for:
Acne Scarring (from deep pockmarks to residual discolouration)
Scar + Skin Camouflage (from self harm scars, stretch marks, old scars .. soon to offer my services for larger scars from medical and elective surgeries, skin grafts, burns)
Radiation Marker Camouflage (no charge) 


Hairstroke Brows

Most natural brow effect, resembling eyebrow hair.
Two techniques available: Mircoblade (manual tool) / Nano (tattoo machine).

Please Note:  This technique is not recommended for mature skin types, oily skin types or clients with no brow hair present.



Combination Brows

Artistically blended technique including hairstrokes and powder shading.
Multiple techniques available.



Powder Brows

A soft technique to resemble makeup filled brows.
Can be a soft and airy pixel finish, ombre, or a fuller bolder finish.
Best option for cover ups.
Best option for oily &/or mature skin type.



Eyelash Enhancement

A delicate technique to deepen the lash line.


$250 top
$150 bottom

Lip Blush

A soft pixel type technique to add colour and/or redefine the lips



Tattoo Removal

A hypertonic saline solution removal method.




Touchups are not included in first appointment cost.
These prices reflect touchups of MY work. Contact me for quotes on other work/corrections.

Touchups after initial session $100
Touchups to refresh faded work $200
Touchups after nearly faded away, full price



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