No additional guests. Please don't bring any friends or family members to your appointment.
If you do, they will have to wait in the car. 

I please ask to limit your personal belongings for your appointment.
If you tend to get chilly during your appointment please bring a sweater, jacket or small blanket.

Contactless payments, like debit/credit, will be preferred over cash.

I cannot accommodate early arrivals as I am with another client or disinfecting the work space.
Please arrive at your scheduled time, wait in your car, and send me a message and I will let you know when I am ready.

Masks will be required during your time at the studio. This is due to the close nature of the services being provided as we cannot practise social distancing.  Please ensure it is a clean cloth mask or a new disposable mask. It must cover your nose and mouth at all times.
If you do not have a mask, disposable masks will be available for purchase for $2.

Upon entering, and leaving, the studio you will be required to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds at my hand washing sink, or use the hand sanitizer provided at the entrance. 

COVID-19 release form will be required for all appointments. You will be asked to complete BC's Self Assessment Tool 48 hours prior to your appointment as well as answer the same heath related questions upon arrival to your appointment.
Link can be found here:  https://bc.thrive.health/covid19/en

Stay home if you, or if you have been around anyone in the last 14 days who, feel ill, show symptoms of COVID-19 (see below), or have travelled outside of Canada within the past 14 days.


Contactless payments, like debit/credit, are preferred over cash. Email transfers will be accepted if sent at beginning of appointment time.


Every appointment is required to have a $100.00, non refundable deposit, in order to book a date. This secures our time.
See below for Cancellation and Sickness policies.


I please ask that you give at least 48 hours notice if wanting to reschedule a booked appointment. If given at least 48 hours we can reschedule your appointment and deposit. If unable to give 48 hours notice you will lose your deposit and another one will be required in order to book a new date. This policy is in place because if you reschedule an appointment within 48 hours it is very difficult for me to fill that spot on such short notice.

If you no show your appointment, you will be charged 50% of that booked appointment prior to booking in again and you will forfeit your deposit. 
Fees are due over the phone, or by email transfer, prior to rebooking any appointments. 


If you, or another person in your household, has an infectious or contagious illness, or is suspected of showing symptoms of COVID-19, please contact me as soon as possible to reschedule your appointment for a later date. For the safety of my household and other clients, please do not come to your appointment sick. If it is assumed you, or someone in your household, are currently sick your appointment will be cancelled and rescheduled for when you/they are healthy again. You will be expected to pay for that appointment, even if no service has been rendered.
Sickness/Illness will not be tolerated at this time:
- fever
- sore throat
- body aches
- cough
- stuffed or runny nose
- congestion
- itchy/watery eyes
- sneezing


If you currently have a cosmetic tattoo that was previously done by another artist and are looking to book a touch up, or coverup, with me please contact me regarding price point. My touchup costs are for my work only. Reworking someone else's work takes more time, effort and expertise understanding ink and pigments used, shape balancing and healed expectations than it would with reworking my own work. Price point will be discussed and fully explained to you prior to any service being performed.


You are paying for artist time, product and other expenses used to provide you with a service.
No refunds will be given for any reason on services.

Any concerns regarding cosmetic tattooing healing will be addressed after adequate healing time (6-12 weeks) at a
 consultation, or touchup appointment. Touchup appointment fees are not included in initial appointment costs, there is a cost of $150.00+ per touchup appointment.  


To keep myself, my loved ones and my clients safe I have taken the additional trainings:
BeautySafe and WorkSite Safety Pandemic Awareness
I will be continuing to implement my regular disinfecting protocols but will include additional time between clients for enhanced cleaning and disinfection of high touch surfaces, along with introducing the new guidelines based on recommendations by WorkSafeBC, Provincial Health and BCCDC to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission. Information can change at any time and I will make those necessary changes as they come.
Thank you for your understanding and patience while we navigate this together.
Below are updated policy's surrounding reopening during COVID-19.