Ashley Casavant is an advanced Eyelash Extension Artist with 7+ years experience

with advanced training in:

Russian Volume training from Frankie Widdows, a European lash artist, educator and lash competition judge.
American Mega Volume training from LashBox LA, California based.

Russian Mega Volume Bordeaux Technique training from Ekaterina Ulyanoff.

Lash Menu

Less than 25% extensions remaining will result in a new set, or an extended fill will be required. Full lash coverage not guaranteed with extended fill time slot.
*all prices are subject to gst*


up to 6 extensions : 1 natural lash

- a fuller, darker, more dramatic lash effect -


Full Set (3hours) $240
mini fill 45mins $70

fill 90mins $110
extensive fill 120mins $140


up to 3 extensions : 1 natural lash

- a natural, more fluffy, lash effect -

Full Set (2-3hours) $200

mini fill 30mins $60

fill 60mins $90
extensive fill 90mins $120


up to 15 extensions : 1 natural lash

- the ultimate, most dramatic, lash effect -

* please note, not everyone is a candidate for my mega volume lash sets *
* if your natural lashes are short, thin or incredibly dense - full volume is more appropriate for you *


Full Set (3-4hours) $275
mini fill 60mins $85
fill 120mins $125
extensive fill 150mins $165

Frequently Asked Questions

What products do you use?

Being that Ashley's Esthetics is a fully certified, licensed and insured beauty studio permitted by Interior Health, following the strictest of health and safety guidelines is of upmost importance here.

All adhesives used in Ashley's Esthetics are medical grade being formaldehyde and latex free. They are stored, and disposed of, in an appropriate and timely matter. Expired, and/or improperly stored, adhesive's chemical properties start to break down and react to the air every time it is opened. Using an expired adhesive jeopridizes retention and chemical integrity. Adhesives must be replaced with a fresh bottle every 4-6 weeks.

All lashes used are of the highest grade fibers, not animal hair. As an artist I carry various brands and products for different needs. Having trained under multiple global eyelash extension leading companies like Frankie Widdows Eyelash Excellence & LashBox LA, as well as becoming a Certified Eyelash Extension Educator with Fixe Beauty, my product list is the best of the best.

How should I prepare for my appointment?

I kindly ask that you do not bring guests with you to your appointment. If you wear contacts I ask that you bring your lens case, or glasses with you to your appointment. Please avoid/limit any form of caffeine 3-4 hours prior to your appointment. Stimulants cause your eyelids to flutter involuntarily, as well as needing more frequent bathroom breaks which prolongs the appointment. For the best results from your appointment it is imperative to come with your eyes free of makeup. Mascara and eyeliner residue will restrict the extensions from bonding properly, leading to poor retention. The extra time spent cleaning your lashes will mean less time lashing.
I frequently get asked if I clean the extensions/lashes at a fill appointment. The answer is yes BUT standard/waterproof mascara and gel eyeliners are not recommended to use while wearing extensions as the residue is very hard to 100% clean off. It often causes excess stress of the extensions from invasive cleaning methods, it leads to poor retention and increases the chance of harbouring bacteria which in turn increases your chance of blepharitis or a demodex infestation. If you cannot keep your lashes clean, then you may not be suitable to receive eyelash extensions. Also please familiarize yourself with my studio policies.

Who may not be suitable for eyelash extensions?

If you have never had extensions before, or have any pre-existing conditions, it may be beneficial to book a consultation and patch test.

You may not be a suitable client to receive eyelash extensions if you:
have sensitivities to bright lights have eyes that easily water have trouble sitting still with your eyes closed for long periods of time have sensitivity to tapes, IV bandages and/or acrylic nails have reoccurring eyelid/eye infections have had a reaction to eyelash extensions previously

Quality Lash Health

Please note I will not place an extension that I know will risk damaging your natural eyelash growth, this is both my priority and policy. Therefore it is the responsibility of the lash technician to select an extension that is suitable to your natural eyelash. Lash extensions will not cause damage if you respect the natural lash integrity and the recommended after care.

To satisfy your lash needs I will always take into account the final look you are hoping to achieve. I have an array of extension diameters, lengths and curls to achieve a variety of looks while still respecting the natural eyelash health. With a background in makeup artistry and facial proportions we can work together to give you your most flattering look.

How to remove/deal with your eyelash extensions? (relating to covid-19 closure)

With all of the salons and spas having to close their doors temporarily across Canada due to the recent covid-19 outbreak, some of you may be wondering “how do I manage these extensions?!” while you patiently wait for your fill.

I want to assure all of my regular clients that when this is all over I will get all of your lashes back to tip top shape at my regular fill rate, not new set rate, when I’m allowed to open back up again!

During this time please be patient and gentle with your extensions. Do not pick/pull them off! It may be tempting but you will be left with bald patches or extreme breakage (which can take months to grow back in - if they have the strength to do so)

We have a couple options here. If you want to make them last as long as possible you can do the following:
1. Keep your fingers away from your lashes, except when washing them. Constant touching will put excess oils from your fingers and will slowly soften the bond of the adhesive.
2. Continue to wash your lashes, even if you don't leave your house. Cleansing them will help with retention by breaking down oils and keeping the adhesive's bonds stronger.
3. Avoid wearing makeup around the eye area.
4. Avoid sleeping directly on your face, or excessively rubbing your eyes.

If you are hitting the 4+ week stage and they are driving you nuts because they’ve gotten so grown out (and possibly staring to twist and flip - which can cause pain) Then I’ll recommend the following:
1. Start using the oily products I’ve told you not to use. A little bit of coconut oil applied to the lids/lashes nightly may help soften the bonds but it does take time. If it causes irritation, this option is not for you. Gently cleanse the eye area with a lash shampoo and/or use saline eye drops. Contact your eye doctor if irritation continues or worsens.
2. Start wearing mascara and eyeliners to help hide the extremes of crazy grown out extensions. Please wash this off nightly with a makeup remover (even oily ones!) and a clean eyeshadow brush. Doing this cycle often, in replace of your lash shampoo, will increase the shedding of the extensions. Remember to refrain from cotton or wipes because we don’t want to snag and pull out your natural lashes or have cotton pieces stuck for days.
3. 🚫 I do NOT recommend buying any professional removal products off the internet as they can cause intense irritation to the eye and surrounding skin if not used with extreme precision and if you don't have an eyewash solution/station nearby.
4. Purchase a lash conditioner/serum. I recommend EyEnvy (only sold in salons/spas - contact me if interested) and Latisee (doctors prescription). Talk to your health practitioner for questions regarding the use of this product to see if you will be a good candidate.
These serums are like caffeine for your lashes, it gives them a good boost in the first 3 months of use (slow accumulative results) then a maintenance routine will follow if you want to keep the results. Can be used together with your extensions when you are able to get lashes again!
All of this will take time, please be patient 💗 I can’t wait to see you all again soon! Stay healthy out there! 😘